Songs like this make you stop and just appreciate the fact that the artist decided to do something different. Sometimes being ‘unique’ can be taken a bit too far. But even then it’s just cool listening to something that isn’t meant to sound like… everything else. Just Siah alone on this track, and based on an interview he did in 2012 (see below), I suspect he laid down the piano that you hear throughout. Peace.

It’s been a while, party people. A lot has happened. Hope everyone is keeping their head up, and thanks for staying with it.

Happy Birthday Malcolm X!

I was planning on posting this one eventually. And I think now is the perfect time…

Clearly, Flo Rida had mad honeys at his house, self-isolating, before it was a thing!

But I hope you’re all staying safe and well. Peace.

Jungle – Platoon

Posted: April 13, 2020 in Children's, Uncategorized

Jungle – Platoon from Jungle on Vimeo.