This is brand new from Abstract Rude and you are some of the first to hear and see this.

We’re all about showing a holistic view of Hip-hop culture, with its four elements. The only problem is that Graffiti is traditionally something that the artist does without an audience. They’re trying not to be seen, and those who work all night likely sleep during the day, lol. So this isn’t just a music video, it’s a bit of a street documentary too. You might have wondered: what is really behind those spray-painted murals, on trains and bridges, in almost every city you’ve ever visited?

A big shout out to all of the Graf artists who do paid work as well. But we cannot forget that this element began as and continues to be a rebellious expression made on public, private and abandoned properties. It’s the silent clash between the people, and the powers that be. And for that reason, I smile every time I see it.

“Hell will be a place of outer darkness;
Survivors of the nuclear attack live in a computer, heartless,
Operating society where technology prospers,
Controls all facets of life and paradise is promised…”

There is a scary amount of truth in those lines. These days I can’t stop listening to this track.

Songs like this make you stop and just appreciate the fact that the artist decided to do something different. Sometimes being ‘unique’ can be taken a bit too far. But even then it’s just cool listening to something that isn’t meant to sound like… everything else. Just Siah alone on this track, and based on an interview he did in 2012 (see below), I suspect he laid down the piano that you hear throughout. Peace.