ALBUM OF THE WEEK! – Carlos Nino and Lil’ Sci Are What’s the Science? – Elevation

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Conscious, Featured Albums, Featured Music, Jazz Rap, Positive Vibes, Spiritual, Underground/Independent
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Just a beautiful album right here. This is sacred, this. THIS is accountability in Hip-hop. THIS is the album that will lead us to where we need to go.

“We stand here before you as students of that same conscious movement that birthed the likes of Afrika Bamabataa, KRS-ONE, Rakim, Public Enemy, Brand Nubian, X-Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, KMD, The Native Tongue and countless others that brought forth an entire essence that took the world by storm.. and made it cool to be intelligent…

What’s the Science? How long will it take us to stand up strong again? To make sure that the youth have some substance to feed off in order to grow into powerful, resourceful and responsible adults, able to make positive change in the world in which we live. We ask you one more time.. What’s the Science?”


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