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I was planning on posting this one eventually. And I think now is the perfect time…

Clearly, Flo Rida had mad honeys at his house, self-isolating, before it was a thing!

But I hope you’re all staying safe and well. Peace.

What other blog do you find posting relics like this??

Ladies and gentlemen, party people, hip-hop heads. We proudly present Super Jay.

This track is one of two commercial records he released in the early days of recorded hip-hop… How interesting is it that one of them is about Christmas?

We’ve brought this up before. The same thing can be said about Dizzi Heights’ Christmas Rapping, The Showboys’ That’s What I Want for Christmas, and even Coke La Rock’s Hello Merry Christmas Baby. There’s no doubt that Christmas Rap has BEEN a thing. And while some genres see “Christmas music” as a separate thing, a lot of great Emcees have gotten busy on some Christmas songs and albums that stand on their own as regular, dope, hip-hop. Some good hip-hop history here! Enjoy.

How many of these mainstream collabos does Kardinall have?? It just never seems to end.