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Jungle – Platoon

Posted: April 13, 2020 in Children's, Uncategorized

Jungle – Platoon from Jungle on Vimeo.

Happy Halloween

Posted: October 31, 2019 in Uncategorized
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If you’re looking for something to get you into the Halloween spirit, K the Conjurer‘s 2012 EP, Spoken in a Sepia Tone is a good listen on days like this. Love this joint! In a spooky kind of way. Peace.

Happy Birthday Malcolm X

My apologies for an issue with the link for Writing More Albums by Infinito 2017. It seems to be one of those hidden gems from the early part of his catalogue. The song is dope; worth checking out. Simple, down to earth Hip-hop. It has been officially #pinned in case you missed it. Peace.

This quote says it all…

Posted: July 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

“Even the few rare moments when he tries to educate his listeners aren’t enough to counter the negativity that he has already promoted.”

-Unnamed source, but you can do the knowledge on that for yourself.

Happy Birthday Malcolm X!

The Edirol HQ Orchestral plugin, released by Roland in 2001, provides premium acoustic sounds, focusing on Strings, Wood winds, and Brass winds, as well as Percussion and Keyboards. This Virtual Studio Technology Instrument (VSTi) is compatible with many digital audio workstations, such as FL Studio, which continue to be popular among hip hop producers, both novice and experienced.

Technically, the Edirol HQ Orchestral VST plugin is still under copyright by Roland. This is a very useful and versatile plugin for many new producers and relinquishing its copyright will allow thousands of up and coming producers to access, enjoy and share this software LEGALLY.

While Roland offers newer orchestral plug-ins, it is no secret that Edirol HQ is still in use and is still being distributed over the internet. Edirol HQ is easy to use as a VST, and it provides a good stepping-stone for new producers. To our knowledge, Roland has not enforced its copyright on this software since ending its support, therefore this petition is meant to encourage Roland to allow Edirol HQ Orchestral to become “freeware”.

Click Here to Sign Petition

“Let me take it back to when the government was hatin’ rap ’cause it was positive.. now they put money into making rap.”

–Senim Silla

Peace everyone,

We’re proud to announce that we now have two new web addresses (urls) you can use to visit the blog.

Simple, and easy to remember. Same page, same posts, but you can now use:


Thank you for the support, and once again, please SPREAD THE WORD!!