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…Scratches the heck out of “Pump Me Up” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Hosted by DJ Kidd Disco. Enjoy!

I’ve been saving this one for a while…

Every song can mean something different to each listener. For me this is a really relaxed Monday off when I don’t have to get anything done. No pressure to do one thing or the other, and no stress about work coming up the day after. Everything just flows, and time seems to last as long as it should.

What goes through your mind when you hear this? Do enjoy.

Can’t think of a better album to finish off the first year of the blog.

Next year, we’ll be posting albums on more of an ad hock basis rather than weekly. But you can definitely still expect the usual song posts. We’re really looking forward to carrying this on into the future and appreciate you helping us to build this movement. HAPPY NEW YEAR – PEACE!!