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Never knew Atmosphere got down like this..

Thought that this would be the best way to end off Black History Month. Do enjoy…

“This song right here is dedicated to the movements of so many great minds that blessed the planet with their insight and gift of knowledge, love, peace and wisdom. Freedom is a state of spiritual bliss, that seems to be unreachable to most of our people misplaced in the wilderness of North America. We now bring you into a day and time, that we look back to move forward y’all. Always uplift your roots and foundation while on your path to prosperity and greatness. Relax your mind and let your conscience be free. You gotta have freedom. You gotta have freedom. Peace.”

Don’t let it get you down, Brothers and Sisters. In times like these, we must find our greatest strength. And with that fire inside, let us prepare for the greatest resurgence that hath been seen this millennium.

Cats gotta bring their plant game up in 2016, I’m telling you..

On the real though a very smoooth single from J.R. with collabs with the usual suspects. Available for pre-order..

Warning: Hardcore lyrics

For the REEEAL heads… If you don’t know, now you know..